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Our state of the art design offers you, the customer, three different types of units to choose from:

Economy Units

Everyone has a need for additional closet space for out of season clothing or seasonal deocrations. Items that you don't need frequent access to, but you just can't bear to throw away.

Has the cost of storage prevented you from renting a unit? Then you must stop by and let Taylor Road Self Storage solve your storage problem. We have the solution in one of oureconomy units.

5x11 $61
5x12 $67
5x16 $83
10x16 $148

Standard Units

Standard units offer the best in self storage construction. Drywall, metal and OSB help reduce condensation to a very low level.

A variety of sizes and rates will accomodate any storage needs you may have.

4x5 $45
5x11 $67
5x12 $72
5x16 $89
10x11 $138
10x16 $167
10x20 $207
10x30 $249

Climate Control Units

During the harsh winter and hot summer months, temperatures are set accordingly, at a comfortable level.

These units are ideal for long term storage of your fine furnishings and other like items where storage temperature is a customer concern.

Enjoy music from our relaxing sound system while you are storing your belongings.

5x20 $119
10x20 $249

Insulated Units

Some insulated air-tight units feature a unique double door system which allows the storage unit to remain virtually dust free.

Double door system consists of a standard steel roll-upexterior door, while the inside door is an insulated, swing type.

10x20 $209
10x30 $257

Taylor Road Self Storage is a professionally managed Self Storage Facility and is part of Self Storage Providers. Visit our self storage locations in Rocklin and Sacramento.